I am the founder of Less Stress Tutoring with experience in one-on-one and classroom instruction – in addition to a winding career path that also developed management, sales, and most importantly listening skills. My expertise in study skills, learning styles, foundational academic concepts, and test-prep strategies allows me to create tailored and adaptive study plans that build confidence and reduce the stress of academic achievement. I’ve assisted students as they conquered the GRE, reduced their anxiety around math exams, and improved their SAT score by 150 points. Additionally, my time in the interdisciplinary Glynn Family Honors Program at the University of Notre Dame allowed me insights into a wide variety of subjects, so I am better able to find patterns and strategies that work for most academic fields. A fun fact about me is that I first came to love teaching while working abroad in Korea. I use my continued Korean studying as a way for me to test out different learning strategies, especially habit creation and motivation.