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Hi! I'm Kelly Roper, and I love helping students excel at standardized tests. Standardized tests are often seen as predetermined - you're either good at them or you're not. Instead, I see them as winnable games. Like any game, there are tips and tricks to level up.


Concept knowledge is foundational and important, yes. But often students' angst comes from how they study, not what they study. Students often fall into three main traps:

1. focusing on quantity over quality

2. having a one-size-fits-all approach to strategy

3. being inflexible about (or even disregarding) study methods.


I designed this site to be a one-stop shop for effective test prep. You can choose how much heavy lifting you want to do. The free resources allow you to forge your own path. With my years of tutoring, I am able to take on the planning and adaptation for you. With either method, the goal is to reach your target score with as little stress as possible.

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